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  1. Felicity Expressions

    Regular Price: Rs. 566.15

    Special Price Rs. 536.00

    This bunch of 15 Gerberas in mixed colors wrapped in pink purple packing represents the agility associated with life. Full of life and happiness, they sparkle up the surroundings where they go. Send them to your loved one now and make them feel special. Learn More
  2. Summer Fresh White

    Regular Price: Rs. 549.40

    Special Price Rs. 536.00

    This Summer Fresh White bouquet of gorgeously enchanting 10 hand-picked Gerberas says it all with grace, sophistication and elegance they deserve. Send these handpicked 10 Gerberas Bouquet to bestow your best wishes and blessings to them and deliver smiles over smiles. Learn More
  3. Entailing Pink Carnations

    Regular Price: Rs. 699.48

    Special Price Rs. 670.00

    On this festive time, give this beautiful bouquet of 12 Pink Gerberas with fillers with paper packing to your dearest one and surprise. It’s a beautiful floral bunch for Mother’s Day gifting, Birthday gifting and other special moments of gifting. Learn More
  4. Orchids Fervor

    Regular Price: Rs. 736.33

    Special Price Rs. 670.00

    Bunch of 6 blue orchids. Learn More
  5. Tender Heart

    Regular Price: Rs. 737.00

    Special Price Rs. 683.40

    This bunch of 6 orchids represent tenderness. Learn More
  6. Purple Exotic Breeze

    Regular Price: Rs. 798.98

    Special Price Rs. 737.00

    Send these long lasting 10 purple orchid that brings a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury, strength, refinement, and affection. Learn More
  7. Exotic Beauty

    Regular Price: Rs. 799.31

    Special Price Rs. 737.00

    6 purple orchids with seasonal fillers put into an exclusive paper wrapping. Learn More
  8. Orchid and Roses

    Regular Price: Rs. 798.64

    Special Price Rs. 779.88

    Send this stunning combination of fresh Purple Orchids and lovely White Roses, wrapped beautifully with white-green fillers to your loved ones and make them feel your presence even more. Your bouquet comprises of 6 Purple Orchids and 12 White Roses Learn More
  9. Lovely Blooming Bunch

    Regular Price: Rs. 948.72

    Special Price Rs. 871.00

    Bouquet of 2 White Asiatic Lilies, 5 Red Carnations, 5 Pink Roses and Seasonal Fillers. Learn More
  10. Exotic Beauty

    Regular Price: Rs. 998.97

    Special Price Rs. 938.00

    A lovely one-sided bouquet of fresh and exotic 9 purple Orchids wrapped in a baby pink wrapping paper with a white colour ribbon bow tied on it. Simply beautiful and an elegant gift that can bring smile to your someone special. An amazing way to make them feel special, who make you feel happy and complete your life. Its simply awesome! Learn More
  11. Purple Exotic Breeze

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,172.50

    Special Price Rs. 1,072.00

    Bunch of 10 purple orchids . Learn More
  12. Bouquet of Purple & Blue Assorted Orchids

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,194.95

    Special Price Rs. 1,139.00

    • Colour of Flower: Purple
    • Type of Flowers: Orchids
    • No. of Stems: 10
    Learn More
  13. My Angel

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,234.14

    Special Price Rs. 1,206.00

    Your love is special and so your loved one too. Do something which they will never forget their whole life. Ferns N Petals presents a one sided bunch of 6 stems of white asiatic lilies in pink color paper packing with pink ribbon bow. Just make your love feel special than ever. Do not think so much and just grab this very special gift for your beloved. Learn More
  14. Exotic Magnificence

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,299.13

    Special Price Rs. 1,273.00

    This particular arrangement crafted in a square basket depicts magnificence and exotic beauty. 10 yellow carnations, 3 birds of paradise, 7 blue orchids , ornamental dries and some fresh greens, all put together to bring the essence of tropical sunset into a living space. Take it along for a high-tea get-together or just a fun evening with friends, to present it to the host and see them smile ear to ear. Learn More
  15. Wings of Passion

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,499.46

    Special Price Rs. 1,474.00

    This basket is an undeniable portrait of spreading out wings that represent growth and success. 12 yellow carnations that depict pride, 10 blue orchids that bring calmness to the palette and 3 yellow lilies that symbolize gaiety, all come together to say “I am proud of you”. Dried foliage gives a touch of festivity to this arrangement. Present this to someone who is all set to take on the new horizons in life. Make it a moment of pride and honor Learn More
  16. Joyful Surprise

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,644.85

    Special Price Rs. 1,587.90

    The striking 50 Yellow Roses wrapped beautifully in 2 layers of hand crafter paper. A perfect bouquet for all occasions.? Learn More
  17. Gerbera Delight

    Regular Price: Rs. 799.31

    Special Price Rs. 737.00

    This special floral bouquet appears enticing and bright. This fresh bouquet includes 4 Yellow Gerberas, 4 Pink Gerberas and 4 White Gerbera. Learn More
  18. Orchid Breeze

    Regular Price: Rs. 745.04

    Special Price Rs. 737.00

    A beautiful bouquet of 6 handpicked Purple Orchid Stems, for a beauty as delicate as that. A perfect bunch to woo your ?someone special?. The flowers are beautifully arranged in a Pink Crape Paper with seasonal fillers. So, what are you waiting for, let the romance begin. Learn More
  19. Say It With Flowers

    Regular Price: Rs. 871.00

    Special Price Rs. 804.00

    One sided Flowers Bunch of 6 purple orchids in pink paper packing with pink ribbon bow and green fillers gift for your love one. Learn More
  20. Purple Passion

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,999.28

    Special Price Rs. 1,943.00

    As portrayed by the prominent color of 20 purple orchids, this arrangement primarily conveys royalty and refinement. Compassionate love is brought to palette by 10 pink carnations. Scrupulously placed on a tall wooden stand and embellished by pink net paper, this makes just the right gift for a royal wedding or a person of grandeur. Convey your love and make it an even more extravagant moment for that regal one. Learn More
  21. Charming Bloom

    Regular Price: Rs. 949.39

    Special Price Rs. 904.50

    Flowers Bunch provide you amazing gift for birthday, anniversary and other occasion. Learn More
  22. Delightful Arrangement

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,278.00

    Special Price Rs. 2,144.00

    This delightful flower arrangement along with candles is a beautiful way to convey your love and affection to your special someone. It is enough to make someone feel special and appreciated. Learn More
  23. The Pink Delight

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,340.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,273.00

    The Pink Delight flower arrangement from Flowers Bunch is the perfect gift for every occasion to get that lovely smiles. Learn More
  24. Sentimental Surprise

    Regular Price: Rs. 3,295.06

    Special Price Rs. 3,283.00

    A calming arrangement of purple orchid that symbolize eternal life. Arranged in a 3' tower,with greenery to provide a beautiful contrast to the cool delicate beauty of the orchid for someone who appreciates pure and subtle beauty. 3 Ft Tall Arrangement of Stems of Purple Orchids Learn More
  25. Love of Life

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,010.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,909.50

    Make someone special extremely happy today with glamorous looking bunch of 12 yellow and orange asiatic lilies in cellophane packing certainly the right choice of gift to leave an impression. Learn More
  26. Love in Paradise

    Regular Price: Rs. 6,298.00

    Special Price Rs. 6,164.00

    This breathtaking beauty flower arrangement is designed to make any day a special one. You can also send this bouquet on her birthday or your anniversary and make it memorable. Learn More
  27. Love Tower

    Regular Price: Rs. 6,998.82

    Special Price Rs. 6,968.00

    Make their day a trip to the tropics with our exotic bouquet of long-lasting, deep purple Dendrobium orchids. Send a Tower of orchid bouquet and really turn up her heart. 4 Ft Tall Arrangement of 100 Orchids Learn More

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