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  1. Chocolate Cake Eggless

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,273.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,206.00

    A dark, extremely rich chocolate layer cake with dark chocolate icing. Surprise your loved one with a special way with Lip smacking Eggless Chocolate Cake. Learn More
  2. Succulent Choco Vanilla

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,340.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,299.13

    A perfect combination of chocolate and vanilla; this is going to be best ever gift for both, the lovers of vanilla or the chocolate flavour. This Choco Vanilla cake does not actually need a reason to order this one. The cake in addition to its taste is beautifully decorated with chocolate-vanilla sticks and a cherry over the cake base. Wow!! This is so very perfect for a perfect someone. Learn More
  3. Charming Caramel Chocolate

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,398.96

    Special Price Rs. 1,340.00

    Any celebration only becomes complete, if it gets started with cutting a cake!! And if it’s about cakes, chocolate is the flavour which is probably loved by all genres of people. This Carmel Chocolate cake is one such option to go for any occasion. What are you waiting for? Keep aside all the thoughts and order this mouth-watering cake for your loved ones on their special day. Learn More
  4. Chocolate Frenzy Diwali Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,541.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,499.46

    Chocolate is the favorite flavor of cake worldwide and it appeals to both old and young. When guests, friends, and relatives are thronging your place, this tempting presentation of chocolate base and flavor cake would add new glamor to your celebration. Spend the happiest Diwali with this chocolate cake. Learn More
  5. Mango Delight

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,541.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,499.46

    This 1 kg Mango delight is impeccably superb delight to make the occasion right!! Irrespective of the relations and the occasion this mango delight with vanilla base and topping of fruits will make the party a gleeful experience for your loved one. Mango being favourite of all, makes it a perfect idea for all occasions. Learn More
  6. Special Heart Chocolate Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,608.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,591.25

    Emotions of love can barely ever be conveyed through words. Emotions of love are conveyed through gestures and what better a gesture than a cake that shows your heart's connection with your partner's heart? A tinkle in her heart makes you skip a beat, doesn't it? Representing that on a cake is the Heart-to-Heart Chocolate Cake because, hey, nothing speaks of closeness better than a heart shaped cake carved beautiful over a larger heart shaped cake! Learn More
  7. Chocolate Love

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,688.40

    Special Price Rs. 1,608.00

    Surprise your special someone with this delectable Chocolate Love cake, which not only is perfect for the taste buds but also it looks vibrantly pretty. No one dislikes cakes!! And when it is beautifully made of yummy white and black chocolate chips then it’s hard to stop being tempted to it. Spread light with this perfect delight!! Learn More
  8. Photo Cake Chocolate Sponge

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,699.12

    Special Price Rs. 1,634.80

    Surprise your loved ones with a personalized cake. Get your picture printed on 1 kg cake. Share the photo cake at occasions such as Birthday, Anniversary, Christening, or any other special occasions. The cake available in a variety of basic flavours such as pineapple, vanilla, butterscotch and chocolate. Learn More
  9. Butter Cream Chocolate Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,742.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,675.00

    Treat your loved ones with the richness of chocolate. Loaded with multiple layers of chocolate and decorated with flower on top, this cake will leave your loved ones in a delicious mess. Learn More
  10. Personalized Chocolate Delicacy

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,742.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,715.20

    Wondering, what form of delicacy is required if it comes to ignite your love? The answer is simple - A simple, luscious personalized chocolate cake. The rich dark chocolate married with cream is a 100% indulgence. Its taste is as good as its classy look with which you simply cannot go wrong. Learn More
  11. Chocolate Orange Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,829.10

    Special Price Rs. 1,742.00

    White chocolate, rich chocolate, and simply chocolate - this cake has it all. No wonder why its name "Stellar" is apt for it! Chocolate lovers will rejoice right from the time they lay their eyes on it to the time it melts in their mouth (and for long after that as well). Consisting of white chocolates, chocolate wafers, and lots of chocolate cream, no one can say no to this one! Learn More
  12. Gift of Enchantment Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,876.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,829.10

    Looking for the perfect gift for someone close in vain? Oh, this Chocolate Cake will solve all your problems! Gifts don't get better than cakes and when cakes are decorated with bewitching berries, they are absolute winners! Surrounded by chunks of chocolate and wrapped delicately with a ribbon so that it doubles as a present, this one is purely enchanting! Learn More
  13. Special Chocolate Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,943.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,876.00

    Treat your dear ones with of classic round chocolate cake. Loaded with the richness of multiple layers of chocolate and dark chocolate sponge cake and finished with chocolate layers, the cake is topped with flower made of chocolate. Learn More
  14. Delightful Almond Mocha

    Regular Price: Rs. 1,943.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,894.76

    Want to celebrate this season of love with a blend of sweetness and beauty? Get this Almond Mocha cake, here and make your loved ones feel the magic of the celebration. To get started, this perfect gifting option is a wonderful choice to make from. Learn More
  15. Love For Chocolate Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,010.00

    Special Price Rs. 1,963.10

    This unique combo consisting of scrumptious cake and radiant rakhi is a sure shot way to bring you closer to your brother. The rakhi might vary as per the availability. Learn More
  16. Wonderful Chocolaty Oreo Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,077.00

    Special Price Rs. 2,010.00

    Do you want to bring in love and life to your lifeless relationship? Well, this Oreo is the perfect choice for you as with toppings of black chocolate biscuits and little chocolate chips placed at the bottom of the cake’s vanilla base. Learn More
  17. Chocolate Flower Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,110.50

    Special Price Rs. 2,010.00

    An exotic chocolate cake finished with rose design and gems. This cake is made with chocolate sponge layered with chocolate truffle, crunchy cashew topped with cashews and gems. Learn More
  18. Wild Forest Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,144.00

    Special Price Rs. 2,077.00

    Have a blast of flavors this time with the exotic cake range at Ferns N Petals. Get of Wild Forest Cake with double layers of chocolate sponge and a layer of vanilla sponge cake in between and loaded with lots and lots of assorted fruits encircling the top of the cake. Learn More
  19. Chocolate Fruit Gateau

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,144.00

    Special Price Rs. 2,110.50

    Treat you and your friends and family with of very chocolaty Italian Cake loaded with lots of Mixed Exotic Fruits toppings as well as in between in multiple layers of Italian dark chocolate cake sponge. Make any occasion filled with happiness and flavours. Learn More
  20. Doraemon Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,244.50

    Special Price Rs. 2,144.00

    Doraemon Cake Learn More
  21. Fruit Chocolate Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,251.20

    Special Price Rs. 2,164.10

    If anyone in your family isn't keen on traditional fruitcake, this might be the compromise you've been looking for. Treat them with of chocolate fruitcake with Ferns N Petals that ensures that it is dark, moist and squidgy - but what makes it really special is the chocolate. Learn More
  22. Fathers Day Chocolate Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,278.00

    Special Price Rs. 2,197.60

    Here is a yummy delicious Chocolate Cake beautifully outlined with whipped white vanilla cream on the top. Surprise your loved one in a special way with a lip smacking delish Chocolate Cake that they are going to love for sure. The cake has been given an awesome touch with the cream. Get this present for your love today from Ferns N Petals to get a yummy and delicious smile from their side. Learn More
  23. Magical Choco Chips

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,345.00

    Special Price Rs. 2,264.60

    This cake has it all!! This Choco chips is an utterly delicious to make any celebration the most rejoicing for the one it is gifted to. If you are planning to surprise someone close to your heart on any special day like anniversary, birthday or any other, this cake, with its absolutely delicious chocolate chips will make everyone go crazy. Learn More
  24. Classy Irish Coffee Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,479.00

    Special Price Rs. 2,412.00

    Want to surprise your loved one with something enthusiastically energizing? The perfect thing is this Irish coffee classy and fashionable cake delight. This cake is perfectly decorated with chocolate delight and chocolate sticks. Your loved one will for sure feel fortuitous to have you in his/her life. Learn More
  25. Pineapple Heart

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,110.50

    Special Price Rs. 2,010.00

    Make your loved one feel on the top of the world with this light and luscious Pineapple Heart shaped cake delight. Buy and send this remarkably fantastic cake to your dear one and make him/her feel special on their special day. Indubitably this will boost the mood and bring charm in the relationship. Learn More
  26. Ben 10 Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 2,968.10

    Special Price Rs. 2,948.00

    Ben 10 Cake . Learn More
  27. Dark Chocolate

    Regular Price: Rs. 3,182.50

    Special Price Rs. 3,082.00

    This Dark delectable chocolate cake is sure to win the heart of the one it is gifted to! This mouth-watering dark chocolaty cake is perfect for any occasion and you can gift and delight any one with its perfect tone and presentation. The decoration looks pretty charming with chocolate cream on the top of the cake. Learn More
  28. Football Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 3,450.50

    Special Price Rs. 3,350.00

    Football Cake Learn More
  29. Baby Hand bag Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 3,417.00

    Special Price Rs. 3,350.00

    Baby Hand bag Cake Learn More
  30. Mickey Mouse  Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 3,439.11

    Special Price Rs. 3,350.00

    Mickey Mouse Cake Learn More
  31. Guitar Shape Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 3,718.50

    Special Price Rs. 3,685.00

    Guitar Shape Cake Learn More
  32. Basketball Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 3,752.00

    Special Price Rs. 3,685.00

    Basketball Cake Learn More
  33. Photo Cake

    Regular Price: Rs. 3,752.00

    Special Price Rs. 3,685.00

    Photo Cake Learn More

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